Visitor Management

Visitor management systems today offer easy to adopt visitor management software allowing visitors to be pre-registered prior to arrival on site and when the visitor arrives in site they can be provided a visitor induction for the location and the host will be notified of the arrival of the visitor. Any random visitor can also turn up and sign in their presence on site to ensure the most accurate and up to date evacuation list.

For a small monthly subscription you can have visitor management on demand up and running in your business within 48 hours.

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Utilised across multiple sites Visitor Management can give you vision across your business like never before

Advanced Evacuation Management tools in your hands from any smart device. Floor wardens, managers and supervisors can manage the evacuation process electronically securing the safety of each person on location. Multiple managers in large buildings can sign people out safe at the same time with exceptional reporting at the end of the event.

  • Register and alert staff of visitor arrivals by email or SMS
  • Frequent visitors register faster
  • Register groups in advance
  • Report easily with visual and detailed reporting
  • Staff can check in and check out with a mobile phone
  • Staff can check in fast with RFID reader
  • Single or multiple buildings
  • Asset Management of keys, cards or any asset issued
  • Advanced emergency evacuation tools
  • Unlimited users, unlimited visitors, unlimited staff, unlimited kiosks
  • Turn on additional modules including Contractor or Induction Management at no extra cost

Visitor Management Kiosks

Reception desks are the most common place for low cost kiosks today. You can use an existing PC that reception already use or consider a stand alone kiosk that could be any of the following when reception is manned full time. Turn any laptop into a kiosk!

Can I use an iPad or Tablet?

Any computer in your business can become a self check in kiosk, some customers setup a laptop as a kiosk. Kiosk’s are normally required where you want employees, staff, contractors and others to check in and out without the assistance of others.

Kiosk Monitor size, colour and company branding are just some of the ways these kiosks stand out in your business. Kiosks can be used for visitors, contractors and inductions.

Kiosks can be manned and unmanned. Kiosks can also include waist high and full height turnstiles.

An iPad kiosk is one of the most common set up for sign in/out kiosks. We suggest an iPad Air or Pro running the most recent operating system. There are some great desk mount and wall mount stands available.

An alternative to hardware is a QR code poster that can be used to manage multiple entry and exit points without the additional cost of hardware.

Example of recent customer kiosks

  • You can us any existing PC in your business as a kiosk
  • You can have dedicated PC’s, Laptops or similar as a kiosk
  • You can create a second screen off your reception PC as a kiosk
  • You can use an iPad or any windows based tablet
  • Install a PC hidden behind a desk only showing the screen to visitors and contractors
  • You can have unlimited kiosks on your location
  • We provide full details for setting up your kiosks
  • We can provide kiosks
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