Induction Management

With Visitor Management Induction Management, your Health and Safety and Facilities Management teams can easily create online Induction Courses, share those course designs with other members (collaboration), publish those courses, and send invites to potential inductees – all online.
  • No more Power Point Inductions.
  • No more contractors waiting at reception for the Health and Safety Manager to come down and run them through an induction.
  • Get them inducted before they even come on-site.
  • Set up Company wide Inductions.
  • Automate future Induction renewals with employees and contractors.
  • Give access to your supplier through contractor portal.
  • Determine access based on current Induction.
  • Give access to suppliers to maintain their employee and contractor profiles for you to approve.
  • Unlimited Users, Unlimited inductions, unlimited employees.
  • Fully integrated with Visitor and Contractor Management.

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Induction Management Process

1. Add a new course

Name, Expiry & Contact

2. Create content

Text, Images & Video

3. Add questions

Yes / No, True / False & Multiple Choice

4. Set pass / fail rate

Number or %

5. Send invite to inductees

Email password & login link

6. Inductee accesses induction online

Login / email answers / questions

7. Review Results

Issue Certificate & Manage Expiry

About Induction Management


  • Induction Courses are created by users with Induction Manager Rights
  • Induction Managers can
  • Create/Add one or many Induction Courses
    • Using an easy to use Content Editor
    • Embed links to documents
    • Embed links to Videos hosted on YouTube or other repository
  • Courses created by one Induction Manager can be viewed and edited by any Induction Manager
  • Induction Managers can create Libraries (folders) of documents and images to be used in the creation of Content for any Induction Course by any Induction Manager.
  • Employees and Contractors can be sent invites via Visitor Management System requesting that person to complete the course by clicking a link and entering a password – all generated by Visitor Management.

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