Employee Management

Managing your employees, profile information, access rights, qualification, security, lone workers and inductions can be very time consuming with a manual system. Let Visitor Management Systems take the hassle out of employee management with attendance tracking, including remote/off-site locations, compliance requirements, and induction management across one or multiple sites.

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Employee Presence Management

Employees can sign-in and out of sites from a sign in kiosk, their own PC or the mobile app, WolMobile. Employees can also have their status updated via third-party apps that are integrated like Brivo access control or Deputy.

Features include;

Create and manage employee profiles – Either manually or by syncing with your Active Directory or other employee management data source to easily create employee profiles. Maintaining employee name, title, department, photo, telephone numbers, email, and primary workplace area or zone/department they work in..

Manage access permissions | track presence – Grant permissions to each employee giving them access rights to one or more locations. As they arrive at the location track their presence and departure.

Ensure employees are aware of site rules – Ensure employees are aware of the HSE, security, and general site rules for working within a location using our eLearning induction feature. Inductions can include, text, images, and video content. Track pass and fail scores, completion date and when a renewal is required if needed.

Create rules and actions to support your site security – The options are almost limitless. Create rules that alert you and/or any group of people when an employee is:
• The last person on-site
• Entering a site after hours
• Entering a site on non-business days
• Working alone within a zone
• Off-site

Powerful reporting and insight – Use our powerful reporting to gain valuable insights into employee movements, as well as improve awareness through automated reporting on:
• Sign-ins and sign-outs, and by what method
• Total time on-site
• Qualification expiry statuses
• Induction expiry statuses


Manage Employees Offsite – Working from Home, Lone Workers, Remote Workers

  • Receive alerts when an employee signs in to work alone
  • Ask lone workers to log their expected duration on-site, be notified when that time lapses
  • Ask employees to send their location when working remotely
  • Employees can trigger a SOS alert in the event of an emergency using the WolMobile app, pinpointing their geolocation
  • Use Dashboards to see who has signed in showing their geolocation on a map
  • Set up sign in questions for remote and lone workers

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Australia: 1300 800 077
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