Contractor Management

Managing your contractors, supplier information, insurances, access rights, licences, security and inductions can be very time consuming with a manual system. Let Visitor Management Systems take the hassle out of contractor management with attendance tracking, including remote locations and construction sites, hazard notice compliance, and induction management across one or multiple sites.

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Meanwhile few PC and server contractor management systems support the ability for you to manage visitor, contractor and staff presence – in the one solution

Many organisations use visitor systems for visitors, contractor sign-in books for contractors, and staff ‘I am out of the office until….’ boards to manage staff presence. In reality if you need to know who is on location, in real-time, wouldn’t be useful if you could identify not only the visitors that are onsite but also contractors, employees, staff, courier drivers and more.

Managing the health and safety of your contractors, visitors, staff, employees and more has never been easier. Knowing where all people visiting your sites across the country are has never been more important.

Customers from all over the world including New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, England, USA and Canada have started using Visitor Contractor Management on demand.

These are the services being offered by this system:

  • Manage Contractors, expiry dates, licences, insurance policies and more
  • Contractor compliance management
  • Integrate with Turnstiles, Boom Gates and Access Points
  • Report easily with visual and detailed reporting
  • Manage contractors across multiple locations
  • Mobile photo ID confirmation of contractors – on the spot!
  • Advanced emergency evacuation tools
  • Unlimited users, unlimited contractors, unlimited staff, unlimited kiosks
  • Turn on additional modules including Induction Management at no extra cost

Service Provider Portal

This portal gives you the ability to empower your service providers to add and manage information about their own organisations and members. This will ensure all records are accurate, timely and easily updated including contact information, insurance policies, qualifications and inductions. You will also have the ability to upload and store all supporting documentation against both the supplier and their members.

The portal can be customised to your organisations requirements and you can choose what information can be edited or hidden and you choose which service providers will have access to your portal by invitation only.


Visitor Management Kiosks

Reception desks are the most common place for low cost kiosks today. You can use an existing PC that reception already use or consider a stand alone kiosk that could be any of the following when reception is manned full time. Turn any laptop into a kiosk!

Can I use an iPad or Tablet?

Any computer in your business can become a self check in kiosk, some customers setup a laptop as a kiosk. Kiosk’s are normally required where you want employees, staff, contractors and others to check in and out without the assistance of others.

Kiosk Monitor size, colour and company branding are just some of the ways these kiosks stand out in your business. Kiosks can be used for visitors, contractors and inductions.

Kiosks can be manned and unmanned. Kiosks can also include waist high and full height turnstiles.

Examples of recent customer kiosks

  • You can us any exisiting PC in your business as a kiosk
  • You can have dedicated PC’s, Laptops or similar as a kiosk
  • You can create a second screen off your reception PC as a kiosk
  • Install a PC hidden behind a desk only showing the screen to visitors and contractors
  • You can have unlimited kiosks on your location
  • We provide full details for setting up your kiosks
  • We can provide kiosks
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