Visitor Management Solutions for Retail

The retail industry has a unique need where the visitors and contractors attending the location need to complete exist questions while signing into the location you can remind the supplier of your expectations while on site.
Exit questions can include:

  • Have you collected your returns today?
  • Did you face up products?
  • Have you spoken with store manager?
  • If they say no – who did you speak with?

Retail sectors that we have helped

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How Visitor Management helped The Good Guys

The Good guys initially started using the visitor management system at head office in Essenden Melbourne to manage the presence of all visitors attending the location. with more than 30,000 signed in so far this is a very busy reception area.

The following year several locations in Western Australia went live with the visitor management system for visitors including reps to sign in and out their presence on site including entry and exit questionnaires to be completed when they arrive and leave the location.