Many customers in the health industry use a visitor management system, from Aged Care to major hospitals the needs are similar despite the size difference in the locations and the number of locations, managing the presence and compliance of contractors as well as managing the issuance of items that you expect to be returned like keys and access cards is paramount. Every customer before they move to an electronic visitor management system is already collecting all of the information but it is all manual and sits in a filing cabinet or in an electronic folder with no connection to the contractor when they sign in and out.

Imagine being able to check the compliance of your contractor automatically every time they signed in…

Imagine if we presented you with an alert at the exact time the breach of compliance occurred. how good would that be?. Another common request is evacuation, the need to know who is on site in an evacuation is very important for Health customers.

A specialty here is managing the presence and compliance of contractors across multiple locations, getting all the contractor data in one central database giving global visibility across all locations including company insurances, contractor inductions and qualifications.


Visitor Management Solutions for Health Institutions

  • Contractor Management
    Manage the presence and compliance of contractors on one or many locations, centralise compliance with insurances, inductions qualifications and more
  • Contractor Portal
    Give access to your suppliers to allow your suppliers to upload insurances, qualifications, employees and more
  • Induction Management
    Build online or onsite inductions to be completed by all contractors prior to commencing work by email or mobile phone or at an onsite PC dedicated to contractor inductions
  • Assets Management
    Manage the issuance of assets that you expect to be returned. The Assets Module will assist you manage 20 keys or less to thousands of assets. Managing thousands of assets set up a bar code system with every asset including a bar code for fast scan and find. Building keys Pooled vehicle keys Access control cards Radios Any electronic device
  • Triggers
    Get messages when any non compliance issue occurs including induction renewal not complete, insurance policy expired, qualifications expired and more
  • Print Photo ID cards
    Any company that needs to print photo ID cards can print Photo ID cards directly out of the employee or contractor profiles in the software. All you need is a photo ID card printer to print the employee or contractor photo ID cards

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Gold Coast Private Hospital & Tweed Day Surgery

Healthscope is a leading private healthcare provider with 45 medical hospitals and 48 medical centres across Australia. They currently use the Visitor Management software at these 2 facilities in Brisbane.

How Visitor Management Helped?

  • Value for money. When compared to other software it’s very well priced.
  • No monthly support costs, it’s all included in the annual fee.
  • Frequent releases, product development and enhancements.
  • Ability to set and forget, giving peace of mind that triggers will alert to non-compliance, non-registered contractors on-site and when an induction or insurance needs to be renewed.

  • Offered safety and security for our sites and for our contractors.
  • Correct invoicing from contractors as we can now see how long that were on-site and pick up any discrepancies.
  • We now send inductions to contractors prior to coming on-site as most have smart phones and can complete them before site arrival. It’s a win-win for both Healthscope and its contractors.

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