Visitor Management Solutions for Education

Improve productivity

Pre-register, save frequent visitors, scan bar codes or RFID cards, visitors, contractors or employees

Save time
Email and SMS notification when visitors are onsite
Communicate clearly

Send visitors meeting information & handy hints for coming onsite

Be compliant

Evacuation checklists and roll

Improve Security

Photo capture, ID badge and label printing for enhanced site security

Gain Control

Link WWCC and qualifications when signing in. Contractor insurance and inductions

How Visitor Management helped Nowra Christian School

  • Replace your existing manual visitors book
  • Alert staff of visitor arrivals by email or SMS
  • Frequent visitors register faster
  • Report easily with visual and detailed reporting

How has Visitor Management software assisted you in your business?
It has enabled us to track who is on site far more easily. The email alert function allows us to identify who they are visiting and confirm their visitation as legitimate.

How has Visitor Management software assisted you with your Visitor and contractor management?
Managing contractors has become an easier process. We are able to correlate invoices with visits and determine work carried out.

What do you like most about the Visitor Management software?
The workflow is easy for new visitors to follow. Our admin staff are spending less time with application orientation.

What do you like least about Visitor Management software?
When a visitor leaves they must put in their name exactly as originally entered, including case sensitivity – Thanks to this suggestion we know have a feature to allow a visitor to sign out using first name only.

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