Visitor Management Solutions for Construction

Construction Industries
Vary the way they use a visitor management system, while some locations are only using the visitor management side of the solution many are using the additional modules for contractors
Contractor Management
Manage the presence and compliance of contractors on one or many locations, centralise compliance with insurances, inductions qualifications and more
Contractor Portal
Give access to your suppliers to allow your suppliers to upload insurances, qualifications, employees and more
Induction Management
Build online or onsite inductions to be completed by all contractors prior to commencing work
Get messages when any non compliance issue occurs including induction renewal not complete, insurance policy expired, qualifications expired and more

How Visitor Management helped Pluim Group

Initially Pluim shared a very similar problem that many have in construction, everything is Manual. Inductions were manual for the subbies and also for employees and time consuming with no connection to the expiry date of the induction and the signing in and out on site by the contractor.

Qualifications were also required and another process that was completely manual and very time consuming to manage. Pluim are now at 4 locations and will be adding more next year.

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