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Visitor, contractor, induction, compliance and evacuation management centralised into a single solution. Enterprise Visitor contractor management provides a centralised single solution to assist with the management of the presence and compliance of any person coming into your buildings including visitors, contractors and employees.

Integrate into access control, active directory, time and attendance, alcolizer, web hooks, API and more

Enterprise solution for global locations

The Story
Liebherr-Australia had what many companies had in 2014, manual systems around the presence and compliance of visitors and contractors coming onto their locations nationally. Everything about the management of contractors was manual, inductions, insurances and qualifications, even the sign in and out process was manual into a visitor management book.

The Challenges
Everything was manual, all data collected was manual, stored in folders or filing cabinets with no connection between the data and the contractor sign in/out process.

The Solution
Liebherr-Australia selected Time & People to implement the visitor contractor management system nationally. The software has helped replace several manual systems and processes centralsing all of the contractor data nationally into a single cloud based database with easy access to staff.

Liebherr-Australia implemented the visitor contractor management system initially at the head office location in Adelaide in July 2014 along with Rockingham QLD, Laverton VIC, Yatala QLD and New Zealand. Weeks later adding an additional 6 locations to total 11 locations.

After a visit from staff based in USA locations visited Australia and saw the visitor contractor management system in action Liebherr-USA first loaded up an initial location in USA at Newport News in December 2015 to manage the presence of visitors coming into the building. In July 2018 Liebherr-USA added a further 11 locations to manage the compliance of contractors including insurances. Liebherr Canada in July 2019 selected Time & People to implement the same solution that had been implemented in Australia and the USA across multiple locations in Canada.

Liebherr Worldwide
Liebherr started to focus on international business and establish companies outside Germany at the end of the 1950s. The Liebherr Group now comprises over 130 companies in more

About Liebherr-Australia
Liebherr-Australia Pty. Ltd. was first incorporated as a company in 1981 and shortly after this time the new head office complex in Adelaide (South Australia) was built.