The best ways available to sign in your visitors, contractors and employees

Today there are many ways available to sign in your visitors, contractors and employees and many factors will determine how you choose to sign in the different types of people entering your workplace.

Visitors – first impressions matter, you need them to be aware of safety requirements, print visitor passes for verification
Contractors – you may need options for off-site jobs, durability for warehouses, needs to be quick and efficient, compliance needs to be checked
Employees – speed and ease is a priority here, options for multiple entry points

1/. Sign in kiosk – choose from an iPad or any windows based device/touchscreen. Depending on the area it will be located, you can choose from desk or wall mounted or completely freestanding. A kiosk is a common way visitors sign in and this will allow you to take your visitors through a sign in workflow that you have custom built based on your organisations requirements.

2/. QR Code Poster – this options allows you to sign in your visitors, contractors and/or employees without the use of any hardware. Using their own mobile phone camera to scan a QR code that will produce a URL link to a sign in including any workflow you have custom built. A great low cost option for locations with multiple buildings and multiple entry points. Ideal for a special event where you can set up a sign in workflow specific to that event and print of multiple posters to allow large numbers to sign in quickly at the one time.

3/. Mobile Application – using a Mobile App aloows you to quickly sign in employees or regular contractors. Utilising geofencing technology the app can be used to automatically sign in. The app can also be set up with customised questions and check compliance. Ideal for contractors completing work offsite (the geo-location position is captured when employees or contractors sign in and sign out) and for those working outside of office hours where they can’t access a sign in kiosk.

4/. ID Cards – employees or regular contractors can be issued permanant ID cards which can include a QR code or a barcode used to scan in/out everyday OR it could be an existing RFID card they use to access the building. This allows for a quick and efficient sign in process and ideal for those areas with high foot traffic.

5/. Integrate with Access Control – using an API you can integrate with your existing access control to simply capture the presence of employees onsite for evacuation purposes.

If you would like to know more about how you could benefit from a digital sign in system and the best ways to sign in your people call Time & People now or book in a one on one online demonstration.

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