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Multi-tenant and University Campus Visitor Contractor Management

Multi-tenant & Campus style Visitor Contractor Management

Time & People first start assisting multi-tenant buildings in 2016 with Walker Corporation at Collins Square in Melbourne. Collins Square is one of the largest commercial developments in Australia with approximately 260,000 square meters of commercial and retail space. Walker corporation owns and manages all of the buildings in the precinct excluding Tower 3 which is owned by CIMB-Trust Capital Advisors.

Time & People assisted the first university in 2015 when Birmingham University came on board initially to manage contractors and compliance. Today Birmingham University is using many modules across the software suite to assist with the presence and compliance of contractors across the university including accommodation. They loved the software so much when an employee moved to Manchester University he called and wanted the same processes to be set up at Manchester University.



Multi-tenant buildings describe privately owned commercial or Government buildings in which office space is rented out to multiple organizations (tenants) while a single management company oversees the building and security needs of the whole site. Need a simple way to assist your tenants? Book in a short call to discuss

  • Allow tenants to pre-registered visitors giving concierge visibility in advance on who is arriving and when.
  • Automatically send pre-registered visitors details on best parking, cafes, hotels, and airports with building instructions on arrival.
  • Send visitors building induction to be completed prior to arrival.
  • Visitors can complete induction on arrival if not completed in advance.
  • Allow concierge to issue and track access control cards as required.
  • Centralise all visitor presence on-site for the concierge team.
  • Manage contractors and compliance including inductions also.
  • Unlimited tenants.
  • Single Kiosk multiple tenants.


Today a campus can be a university, college, or school, some companies like Google also have campuses where there are multiple buildings across the campus. Typically a campus consists of multiple buildings at the same physical address.

  • Centralise contractor presence and compliance
  • Know what contractors are live on your campus 24/7
  • Set up inductions for contractors with built-in workflows to stop non-compliant contractors from signing in.
  • Give contractors a mobile phone app for Geo-Location sign into any building
  • Manage issuance of any item you give that you expect to be returned like keys, bicycles, and access control cards.

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