How does a Visitor Managment System help large multi-location organisations?

Creating consistency within your organisation over multiple locations can be difficult, as many may have their own ideas on how to do things better or just different.

Having an automated Visitor, Employee and Contractor Management System will allow you to create consistency with the following;

  • First Impressions – keep your brand intact with consistency at the sign in kiosk which could be your guests first point of contact – colour, logo, message etc
  • Standardise your company’s message/compliance – whether it be security, health and safety or quality management using an automated sign in system gives your company an opportunity to either pass on any information when entering your building or facility or collect any information. These messages can be built out in an automated system at Head Office level and in one click applied to all your locations. These messages could be applied to visitors, contractors or employees when signing in.
  • Centralising Data – With multiple locations you may have the same contractors working over many of your locations and sites. Going digital allows you to collect all the data only once ie. insurances, inductions and qualifications and then allow them to work at one or all of your locations with the information stored in one centralised location.




  • Employees – when working at more than one location grant your employees global access and allow them to pre-register visitors at any location, sign in at any location using the one QR code and schedule the day they plan to work at a particular location and book in a workspace.

  • Sync Portal integration with AD – Easily update employees across multiple locations with the built-in active directory integration, on or off-premise. Allows rules to be created to automatically update employee user roles for permissions to access the software by adding and removing permissions through rules you can create in the sync.


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