Visitor Sign In Kiosk Check List

There are many ways you can now ask your visitors to sign in when entering your organisation and the best way to decide what is right for your location is to know what you want to achieve by asking them to sign in.

When making your choice you may want to consider the following;

  • What information your will collect – First Name, Last Name, Company, Mobile
  • Do you need to take a photo
  • What questions and information you want to pass on or collect
  • Can you manage different workflows for different types of visitors
  • Can they select who they are there to see
  • Will it allow for a touchless sign in option ie. QR Code
  • Will it send the host arrival notifications
  • Can you deny entry
  • Will it print a visitor badge pass
  • Can you pre-book your visitors
  • Can you also sign in your employees and contractors for a complete evacuation list
  • Will it manage your contractor compliance





If you would like some help understanding the right visitor sign in kiosk for your organisation please call Time and People on 1300 800 077

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