Take your contractor compliance to the next level

One of the first steps of contractor compliance is knowing who is on site, when and where in the event of an emergency or evacuation. Using digital visitor management systems can solve this issue but did you know they can solve many other contractor compliance issues too!

Manage contractor profiles – Manage and track contracts, contractor organisations, insurances, their employees, sub-contractors and their qualifications

Contractor Portal for self-service – Share the responsibility with your contractors for keeping information up to date by providing them access to the Contractor Portal

Streamline contractor inductions – Turn paper based or Powerpoint inductions into dynamic eLearning. Contractors can complete the course remotely from their PC, on their mobile phone, or at a kiosk on-site.

Hazard broadcasting & awareness tracking – Ensure contractors are aware of the latest hazards and incidents as they arrive on-site. Set up alerts for nonacknowledgement of hazards. Manage working alone conditions. Reduce risks and improve your HSE compliance.

Build rules and actions to align with your HSE policies – The options are almost limitless. Create rules that alert you when a contractor is:

  • Overdue
  • Working alone
  • Working in a specific area or zone
  • Performing specific notifiable tasks
  • Trying to gain access to your site but does not have access rights

Powerful reporting and insight – Gain valuable insights into contractor movements, as well as improve awareness through automated reporting on the expiry of:

  • Qualification
  • Certification
  • Contract

Digitalise your forms – Are you still using manual paper forms for incidents, inspection forms, permits, SWMS and the list goes on? 

How can digitalised forms help your business?

  • No more manually collating forms
  • No more waiting days & weeks for reports
  • No more missing or illegible data
  • Unlimited forms, users and offline backup

Contractor self-registration – Easily allow contractors to self onboard from a QR Code scan.
Allow new contractors from approved organisations to sign in without getting your staff involved Some third-party tools are being used to make this happen so there is additional costs involved.

What does this solve?

  • Contractors can onboard themselves
  • Your staff will not have to waste time onboarding contractors
  • You do not need to be present for a contractor to onboard themselves

If you want to know more about how you can take your contractor compliance to the next level talk to Time & People or book in a demonstration.

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