3 Essential tools to keep your workplace safe

Safety and security in the workplace starts with knowing who is on-site. Using an automated Visitor Management System allows you to centrally access people presence data quickly and easily to account for everyone in the event of an emergency.

3 Essential tools to assist with workplace safety in the event of an emergency

  1. Evacuation App – A mobile app that allows first responders, wardens, and safety marshals to quickly and easily account for everyone in the event of an emergency. It allows you to share critical messages, view real-time verificaiton process, and manually verify the safety of everyone onsite. After the emergency, you can run detailed reports that provide valuable insight into the efficiency of your emergency procedures for review.
  2. Panic Alarm – In the event your receptionist/front of office staff feel their safety or security could be compromised, they can trigger an immediate request for assistance; right from their computer or the visitor kiosk.
  3. SOS Alerts – Using an application employees and contractors working at risk can send/activate a SOS alert in an emercency, from their mobile. These alerts can include the individuals GPS location, the zone/area they are signed into, so help can be provided as quickly and accurately as possible.



If you want to know more about these emergency management tools and others available please call or book in an online demonstration.

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