How to stengthen site security with employee management software

Did you know you can electronically manage the flow of employees in and out of your organisation to mitigate risk, strengthen security, aid compliance and collect rich operational data?

The first step is to get your employees signing in and out and there are some great options available with automated systems like Visitor & Employee Management System;

  • Mobile Applications – completely automated with geo-fencing technology. Use to sign in at remote locations, read safety breifings on arrival and complete screening questions.
  • Sign in Kiosk – use hardware such as an iPad or any windows based device and provide employees a QR code to quickly scan to sign in.
  • Integrate with access control  – use an existing Brivo integration or integrate your own access control through an API

Build your employees profile and manage qualifications, licences, inductions and access rights all within the visitor and employee management application.
Use the Mobile application to view qualifications such as covid vaccination status & clearly see that they have signed in by simply fliping the phone horizontally. (shown below).

When you have your employees signing in and out you can run seamless incident evacuations for a particular zone or your entire facility. Track the zones cleared, perform a manual roll-call, provide accurate and easy updates to first responders and know who needs help.



Turn your paper-based or slideshow inductions into dynamic eLearning. Build as many as your need in the software, they can be site specific, job specific or an onboarding requirement that can include images, videos, questions, and test scoring in each course.

If you would like more information on how you can strengthen your site security and safety through employee management software please call now or book in a demonstration.

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