How to best manage mandatory vaccination in the workplace.

With Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination rollout underway and the increasing availability of vaccines, the focus is on opening up businesses and along with that yet another challenge for employers….

How do they manage these requirements as people enter their establishment – employees, contractors, visitors and guests?

The first step is to get your head around the complex legal issues and what are the requirements in each state ie in NSW and VIC industries such as Education and Care Workers, Aged Care & Healthcare Workers, Airport Workres and certain Trainsport Workers will need to be fully or partially vaccinated to return to work depending on the state and date of return. To assist with the return to work for contruction sites in VIC there will be caps on numbers to start and then by 13 November all onsite workers are to be fully vaccinated.

The next step is how to best manage the collection of this information and for employees and regulars such as volunteers and contractors the collection and storage of this information.

Implementing automated system can assist you with this process as follows;

Visitors/Clients attending a meeting – as part of the pre-registration process an email can be sent with a series of Covid safety questions and they can be asked to upload a document or screenshot of their vaccination certificate/passport. If they do not supply this information before they sign in at the lcoation the system will alert the host and stop the person signing in.

Employees, Contractors and Volunteers – or with any onboarded regulars the organisation will only need to collect this information once and add it to the system and then every time the individual signs in the system will automatically check and notify the nominated person/s if this has not been done and stop the sign in process.

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