Contractor Onboarding – Who needs this and why?

Contractor Onboarding, what does this even mean? 

There are multiple components to onboarding a contractor, I will dive in below…

Organisations or suppliers – Organisations are the companies that provide services to your company.  Commonly organisations or suppliers will provide to your company insurances to confirm they are insured should anything go wrong while they provide a service. Some companies will need to hold more insurance coverage than others.  Most common in Australia for example is Public Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Business Insurance, and Workers Compensation Insurance.

Contractors or members  – Contractors are the workers that work for organisations, unlike your suppliers the contractors must provide different information to confirm they are compliant to complete a job. Compliance can include inductions, licences, white cards, police checks, working with children and more.

If you are onboarding contractors in your company you know what this means….lots of manual work collating all of this information.

What if you could have all of this information collected for you and placed into a centralised contractor management system that connected to contractors signing in and out their presence on site. This is how it would look.

  • Send a link or QR code to a new organisation (supplier) asking them to provide the information you require including, company name, company ABN, company phone number, company contact, company contact email, company contact mobile phone number, company insurances.
  • Send or set up a link or QR code for the contractors coming to your companies location to allow them to self-register – onboard themselves loading all of their qualifications and licenes in the process including name, company name, email address, mobile phone number, drivers licence, white card etc.

I have worked with hundreds of companies over the past few years with so many having the same single issue! Managing contractors coming to the site from approved suppliers is the single biggest issue.

The scenario is a new contractor Ben Stone turns up from Telstra, Telstra is an approved supplier but Ben Stone has not been approved for your location, he needs to be onboarded and complete inductions before he can commence work but Ben cannot find the Engineering Manager. People are looking for the Engineering Manager, 25 minutes go by, Ben Stone has not started work, Ben Stone has not been onboarded, Ben Stone’s company will invoice for his time even though the time was unproductive.

How can we onboard contractors easier into our company saving me hundreds of hours of manual data entry?

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