Access Control Card shortage – How does this impact you?

There is currently a shortage of lots of items around the world due to COVID. I know we have had issues sourcing iPads for our customers nationally, this issue is still going on today. Other shortages now include RFID cards where there is a shortage of chips required to go into the RFID card. Some websites are reporting shortages that will extend past 6 months causing massive issues with implementations of new systems. Existing users of access control systems will also experience major issues trying to secure a new batch of cards for future use where cards have been lost or stopped working.

QR codes are like bar codes – just way more powerful

QR code usage has exploded around the world with COVID, I remember when QR codes first made their appearance into retail stores where you could scan the QR code to get information about the store that at the time you walked past may have been closed. Prior to QR codes, bar codes were the standard. Bar codes include around 20 characters, QR codes can hold up to 7000 characters.

QR codes first appeared in Visitor Management Software on a visitor pass, shortly after QR codes appeared on employee and contractor apps where the employee or contractor could use the QR code to register their presence on site. Moving forward and over the last 6 years, QR codes are now being printed for a visitor to scan at turnstiles or speed gates to allow them to move deeper into a building.

Any access control point that includes a QR code reader can now assist with the global shortage of RFID cards where an employee or contractor could hold a personal QR code that allows the person to tap in through turnstiles or speed gates by scanning their QR code.

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