Keeping track of evidence of vaccine

As businesses around the world continue to move back to day-to-day operations as vaccine levels increase companies are finding they need to keep track of who is vaccinated and who is not vaccinated with some industries demanding you can only return to work if you have evidence of your vaccine. Many challenges exist for many businesses today managing the ever-changing compliance requirements.

While it is easy to make the decision to monitor who is vaccinated and who is not vaccinated it is extremely time-consuming to keep asking every employee to show evidence they have been vaccinated every time they turn up to work.

  • How can you keep track of who is vaccinated?
  • How can you know when the person needs an update to the vaccine?

Book in a call and we will show you how you can easily collect the vaccine evidence, how you can get the evidence against the profile of the worker so the software can manage for you who is vaccinated and who is not today and into the future.


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