Reasons to integrate access control with visitor management

One of the most asked for items from customers when they have an access control solution in place is “can we integrate the access control system with the visitor management system?

The simple answer is yes, a better question is why?

Initially, when asked by a customer if we can integrate the visitor management software with the access control system we always ask why do you want to integrate? What is the purpose?

There are 3 very common reasons asked for by customers to integrate with the access control system.

  1. When an employee or contractor signs into the location through the access control system can the employee or contractor be placed in the evacuation reports in the visitor management system so they do not need to sign in twice?
  2. When a visitor signs in they need to receive a QR code or bar code that can be scanned at a turnstile or speed gate
  3. When a visitor signs in they need to be given a temporary access control card to swipe at the turnstile or lift.

Typically access control data is not as consistent as visitor management data in that visitor management data is designed to capture the entry and exit of every person. Access Control often will miss an entry or exit if an employee or contractor walks into or out of the building during normal office hours where they do not need to swipe in and out of the building to gain access or leave at the end of the day. The best data from an access control system perspective is when turnstiles or speed gates are in place with single-user access forcing every person to swipe in and out their presence on-site each time they come and go.

There are a number of access control systems that are commonly mentioned by customers

Inner Range has over 50,000 systems installed across 25 countries and is the most popular access control system used by our customers.

Inner range includes a number of access control systems including Integrity and Inception. Customers who have integrated Integrity or Inception with the visitor management software include Boral and BOC.

Brivo Cloud access control was one of the very first cloud access control solutions starting over 20 years ago. The first products were launched in 2002. Brivo is now in over 40 countries around the world. Customers who have integrated Brivo with the visitor management software include SONOS, Opera Australia, Stawell Gold Mine and Solvay.
Read about Opera Australia integrating Brivo Cloud Access Control with the visitor management software here.
Integrations historically have taken many weeks to many months to complete, modern technology is changing this time frame for integration. Time & People are currently working towards a process that will allow future customers to integrate the access control system with the visitor management software in less than 2 hours.
Imagine completing an integration in less than 2 hours!!
If you would like to discuss your access control system further please book a 15-minute call with Pete