10 Things You Didn’t Know Visitor Management Systems Could Do!

Today many companies have replaced the old paper manual sign in books with a more modern digital visitor management solution to tighten security and free up the receptionist or to manage an unmanned reception area. Standard features include self sign in on an iPad or tablet, selecting who they are there to see and the host receives an notification of their arrival.

However, did you know Visitor Management System can also do the following;

  1. Health screening questions for visitors, employees and contractors
  2. Deny Access based on answers and compliance checks
  3. Pre-register visitors through calendar integration including a QR code sent to the visitor for a quick and easy sign in
  4. Offer touchless sign in options
  5. Include an Evacuation Application
  6. Offer a Multi-language kiosk
  7. Employee Management – sign in touchless with a mobile app and geofencing or connect with your access control
  8. Set location maximum occupancy restrictions and alerts
  9. Create watchlists for banned visitors/employees or VIP’s
  10. Extensive reporting with exports to Pdfs or spreadsheets

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