How to give keys to approved compliant contractors-employees

Issuing keys is very easy to do, a person walks up and asks for a key, the key is issued and off they go. I remember the first time I came across an issue with key issuance. It was a High School where the keys were kept in a cupboard back then behind reception. An employee would walk up and ask for the key to the ute, the key was issued, noted on a piece of paper and then the worker would go off with the ute. Eventually, the worker would come back, the key would be returned back into the key cabinet and the piece of paper was screwed up and placed in the bin.

The main issue with this incident was the recording of the data, 3 weeks later a fine came in the mail as it was explained to me. Because the piece of paper with key details around who took the ute, what time and day the ute was taken there was no one to know categorically who had taken the ute.

Moving forward to today and now we can ask a person to sign in their presence on-site, confirm if they need a key or not, once the key is confirmed as required, provided they are compliant, inductions in order, and drivers license current the key will be issued automatically.

How does it work?

Once a person signs in, automatically they are checked for compliance, in an instant, the employee or contractor is sent a text message confirming they have signed in their presence on-site correctly, the message also includes a code to release the key from an automated key cabinet.

What happens if the employee or contractor is not compliant?

Failing the compliance test will result in no access to the keys plus a message to the appropriate internal person/supervisor of the failed compliance while trying to access a key.

Moving to the next level you could include an Alcolizer breath test machine to site between the sign-in process and the key cabinet, now the worker needs to sign in their presence on-site correctly from a compliance perspective including licenses and inductions before completing a breath test. Upon passing the compliance checks and passing the breath test the keys will be issued. Any failed compliance or failed a breath test and no keys are issued plus notifications automatically go out to the nominated SHE personnel.

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