Automate your sign in system for quick & easy reports

When you replace your paper sign in process with an automated visitor management system you open up a whole new world for reporting.

With a Visitor Management System you are provided a variety of ways to quickly and easily sign in your visitors, contractors and employees plus turn on some more features to access reports that may include;

  • People Presence – Report on the people that have been recorded on-site.
  • Custom Questionnaire Reports – Report on the answers to custom questions asked upon sign in and out.
  • Acknowledgement Notice Reports – Report on the acknowledgement notices presented on sign in and out and any responses to them.
  • Geolocation – See the current location of any employees, contractors, vehicles, and assets with geolocation enabled.
  • WolEvac Reports – Report on evacuation events.
  • SOS Reports – Report on who sent a SOS alert, when, and who received it.
  • Panic Alarm Reports – Report listing when the panic alarm event was created, the location, status, length of the event.
  • Deliveries Report – Report on deliveries entered using a kiosk or Sign In/Out Manager.

Get more out of your people presence reports by customising and creating filters to extract the exact information you need about all the people who have signed into your organisation at any time:

  • Location – Select which location you’d like to view or all locations.
  • Data Source – Choose between visitors, contractors, and employees.
  • Report Period – Select the period you want to report or custom a date range.
  • Filter by Search Query – Search for a persons name or by their organisation.
  • Custom Filters – filter by any basic question that has been set up and answered when signing in, as well as other options such as sign-in mode and where they signed in.

All reports can be exported as a CSV file or a PDF file or pulled out with API or Webhooks into another reporting system like Microsoft Power BI etc. You will also have the ability to erase records or purge records.

Are you spending too much time collating manual logs to generate reports?

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