Incident Reporting – converting Spanish to English to Spanish

Fun projects are just that, they are fun. The Time & People team has enjoyed this project where we are assisting AES Global in the Dominican Republic to digitize several forms including ladder inspection forms. AES is currently expanding the visitor contractor management software throughout the Dominican Republic, Panama, and Mexico. The software is primarily being used for contractor presence on-site and compliance. The entire implementation has been run with Time & People out of Sydney Australia.

This week the Time & People team have assisted to convert some Spanish spreadsheets currently being used to collect manual data for ladder inspections into English so we can assist AES to build out the initial inspection forms in a digital way, once AES goes live with forms they will be able to build the forms from the start in Spanish.

Converted to English so the team can understand the context of the forms.

When finished for the customer the words will be changed to Spanish, Formulario De Inspeccion De Escaleras in English is Ladder Inspection form. Employees will click through to complete a ladder inspection. You can add as many forms as you need to your account, digitizing your way to a paperless process with the most extensive reporting you can imagine with highly visible dashboards.

Are you collecting lots of information on manual forms? I had one customer share with me how they collect 800 forms a week from drivers, 40,000 forms a year, each form had 3 pages of information, 120,000 pages of information about drivers, loads, temperatures, etc. Imagine collating and reporting manually on 120,000 pages of information annually each year.

Forms can be used to report on Incidents, create Permits, help manage inspections and so much more.

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