Why customers expand visitor, contractor and evacuation management across multiple locations

In this blog, I am going to share information on why existing customers have expanded the visitor, contractor, and evacuation system across multiple locations within their business. Some customers will expand the visitor system locally, some nationally and some will even expand globally.

No matter how you look at expanding your solution across multiple locations there are 5 common requests that all customers are looking for before expanding the solution. It is very common for a single location to get started without much fanfare, often head office can be unaware, as soon as the customer starts talking about, 10, 20, 50, or hundreds of locations there are some key requirements before moving forward to satisfy head office with compliance, security, and logistics.

1/ Security

Before we can even finalize the requirements for multiple locations we need to be sure we comply with the requirements from IT for security. Security of data, localization of data. Security is the number one item for all IT departments no matter how small or how large. Once we share the details of ISO 27001 accreditation for the software we have IT on board. Given a choice between ISO 27001 compliance and no compliance it is clear why customers select Visitor Management Systems.

2/ Active directory integration

You are not able to load dozens and hundreds of locations into a solution today that involves employees and not have AD in place. Automated employee updates are a must.

While many companies claim to have Active Directory integration I have heard some of the war stories. Imagine being able to load all of the employees through AD only to be told you need to manually update 2500 people with a change to their profile as the change was not available through the AD integration….ouch

3/ Centralised data

This one is huge and applies in many ways, AD sync, centralized reporting, consistent sign-in processes across multiple locations for visitors, consistent inductions for contractors. A single contractor database to manage compliance nationally. While still allowing singular locations to have their required processes at the location level. Centralised reporting.

4/ Features

The features that have been built over the past decade for visitor management systems are in their hundreds. I remember the evacuation app coming out after the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, this was an innovation at its best, still, in 2021 many of the visitor management systems today do not have an evacuation app for firewardens.

  • Some of the features over the past 12 months include…
  • Easier contractor onboarding
  • More complex workflows
  • Improved Integration to Alcolizer
  • Integration to SCORM
  • Integration to OneLogin
  • Integration to Brivo Access Control updates
  • Driver Licence scanning for bonded warehouses

Further integrations are being worked on to include incident reporting, permits, and anything else that has become a manual form for your business creating endless hours of manual management. Mobilise your business with the right information being available to the right person on demand.

5/ Reporting

Reporting is asked for by every customer, there are multiple ways to report

  • You can create your own reports in the software from any of the data collected
  • You can PDF and create Excel files
  • Integrate with other systems like Microsoft Power BI with webhooks or API

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