Strengthen your site security with drivers licence scanning

Add another layer of security to your organisation’s site visitor management with drivers licence scanning. Using an automated visitor management system with an integrated scanning process makes it both simple and quick.

What is the scanning process?
Scan using an iPhone/iPad app that allows you to quickly and securely capture and register your visitor’s identity by scanning their photo ID. The information is automatically uploaded to your visitor management system, to either sign in as a new visitor or update an existing/pre-registered profile. There is no need to enter the details manually which speeds up the process for your front of house or security team.

Why scan in your visitors?
For any organisation that is security conscious, it is critical to ensure that only those with permission have gained on-site access. By scanning your visitor’s photo ID you validate their identity and reduce the risk of unauthorised entry, making sure that your company property, information, and employees are protected. Scanning allows you to keep a verified record of who has had access to your site. It is also an excellent way to reassure your auditors and insurance providers that you have a valid visitor management process in place and you have done all that is necessary to mitigate risks.

What documents can I scan?
All passports and driver’s licences from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Is the data securely stored?
Data privacy and security is always taken seriously and the scanning software solution is ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant. When scanning, the visitor information, including captured images, is sent directly to  secure and local servers. No data is processed by a third party. You can also decide how long the visitor’s information is retained and set an automatic data deletion after a set period of time.

Is it a requirement of your organisation to collect diver’s licence number and details? Do you manage a bonded warehouse? Read more here on the Australian Border Force minimum standards for bonded warehouses.

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