Bonded Warehouse minimum data collection for visitors

Australian Border Force has minimum standards that bonded warehouses must comply with when it comes to visitors and employees. Many bonded warehouses actually think they need to collect more data than the ABF require.

Minimum requirements for visitors and contractors

It is also a licence condition that licence holders maintain a log of all visitors to the licenced warehouse and must make this log available to ABF officers on request. Visitor logs must include full name, address, driver’s licence number if applicable and the name of the person being visited.

(using a visitor management system you can scan and store the drivers licence using a mobile phone application)

Minimum requirements for employees

We require that staff lists be submitted to us in the approved template. This template includes full name, gender, date of birth, position in the warehouse and the details of a valid form of identification including, but not limited to, ASIC/MSIC card, driver’s licence, passport, or proof of age card.

Do you collect this information manually? It is time to automate the collection of driver’s licence and passport details for better security. Only select a software solution that is ISO27001 compliant.

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