A Quick Guide to select the Right Visitor Management Solution

Increasing security, compliance and collecting people presence data has never been more important.

With the increased demand to capturing the presence of everyone attending an event, entering a building, facility or organisation, comes with it an influx of web-based visitor management software solutions available in the market today.

Here is a quick guide to help you analyse and navigate this market;

  • Is it reliable and secure? – Look for GDPR compliance, ISO27001 accreditation, data stored locally.
  • How long have they been around? Who is the existing customer base? – A well established company will have customers across a variety of industries and multiple countries.
  • What are your hardware options? – Many solutions are iPad Apps only. Look for compatibility with a range of hardware ie. PC, Touchscreen PC, Windows Tablet and iPad.
  • Look for multi-language options – Greet guests in their native language.
  • Is it cloud based? – no downloads and instant free updates.
  • Hidden costs – do they price on features and modules? – The ideal solution will include most add-on features at no extra costs.
  • Is there touchless options? – QR code options/posters, mobile app to sign in employees/contractors.
  • Features you would expect – custom screening questions, badge pass printing, photo capture, signature capture, arrival notification to the host, reporting.
  • Check the inclusion of emergency and evacuation management.
  • Integrations included – Will you need; AD Sync, Calendars, Webhooks, access control including Brivo, API, Deputy, OneLogin Sync, Alcolizer, SCORM Cloud.
  • Compliance – the ability to manage employee/contractor qualifications and inductions – build, store and expiry notifications.


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