Zero Tolerance Breathalyser for visitor contractor presence on site

Breathalyser testing has been around for a long time, Alcolizer has been providing services for more than 30 years. I first came across Alcolizer with a Boral location in Western Australia where the location wanted to integrate the contractor sign-in process with the Alcolizer in 2014. Thanks to this project, Alcolizer Integration is now available for every customer.

Today we are going to explore visitor and contractor sign-in through visitor and contractor management software that introduces the process of a breath test prior to the completed sign-in process by the visitor, contractor, or employee.

No visitor or contractor label will print upon a failed breath test, the label is visible evidence of a successful breath test

There are 2 common styles of results required by customers.

  • Zero tolerance testing where any recording of alcohol will trigger a fail
  • Breath testing for a reading – where you may have a limit of .05 for example.


                Workers Scan in                 Workers complete breath test           Failed breath test triggers a message to one or many

Zero tolerance is a faster process as you do not need an actual reading. You just need to know yes or no, did the person fail or pass. Getting a BAC result takes a few seconds longer slowing down the process before the results come out.

Speed is important when we add into a sign-in process the requirement to complete a breath test. The fastest way to manage a breath test as part of a sign-in process is as follows.

  • Person taps access control card to sign in presence on site
  • The person is asked to complete a breath test
  • Breath test results recorded into the contractor database
  • Pass / Fail triggers fire
  • Fail trigger notifies one or many

This process can take 25 to 30 seconds for each person. To work out how many Alcolizer machines you require to breath test your workforce we need to understand how many people need to sign in and also how quickly you would want the people to complete the sign-in process. For example, 1000 workers will need 20 Alcolizer machines to sign all workers in within 25 minutes. If you wanted the process to be completed in 12 minutes and 30 seconds you would simply double the number of Alcolizer’s needed.

Visitor breath testing is on the rise particularly in industries where heavy machinery is in play.

Some companies will actually provide Alcolizers to test your breath before you sign into work, if you fail this self-test you can choose to not sign in today for work and take a leave day as opposed to having a record of a failed breath test.

If you are thinking of introducing breath testing in your business book in a 15-minute call and we can discuss your requirements.