How to best induct your people- Kiosk v’s Online Inductions

How and when we delivery safety content to people coming on-site is determined by multiple variants which might include;

  • Purpose for coming on-site ie. Visitor, Contractor or Employee
  • Job role whilst on-site ie. high risk, hot works
  • The length of time spent on-site
  • The location – remote, warehouse, hazardous

Electronic Visitor Management Systems allow you to deliver this content in different ways and at different times. The two main ways are at the Kiosk when signing in and/or online prior to arriving on-site (PC or mobile phone).


Kiosk Inductions – Completed when signing in

Who? Visitors, Employees or Contractors – Anyone signing in can complete a kiosk induction.
Why? Pass on safety information & procedures and your expectations of them whilst on site. Ask daily questions.
When? You’re in control of the frequency of the information delivered and questions asked.

Online Inductions – Completed prior to coming on-site

Who? Employees and Contractors. Ideal for remote workers.
Why? To be aware of health & safety and security policies, these can be job specific or site specific. Create as many different induction courses as required. Include images, video content, questions, and test scoring in each course.
When? These induction courses can be delivered prior to coming onsite, both PC and mobile phone friendly. You can control access to any location should a course not be completed or has expired. You decide how often they need to be renewed and receive reminders when they are due to expire.

It is generally not a option of using one or the other but a combination of the two styles based on the individuals purpose of visit and the type of job they are performing.


If you would like more information in both styles of inductions please join in one of both of the below Free Induction Webinars.

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