Common Visitor Contractor problem solved

Common problem customers can experience when moving to a digital visitor contractor management solution with built-in compliance is the contractor who fails the compliance test or cannot sign in for any reason when signing in as a contractor will try and sign in as a visitor to bypass the contractor sign-in process.

Several issues can come from contractors signing in like visitors

  • Contractors signing in as visitors bypass key contractor compliance including inductions, qualifications including licenses, insurances, and more.
  • Contractors may now be on-site and not signed in correctly.
  • Notifications will not go out to the appropriate people regarding the contractor arriving on site.

While it may have been ok to sign in contractors on a paper visitor register when you go digital and connect compliance to the sign-in process with inductions, qualifications, insurances, and more it is not ok for contractors to sign in like a visitor.


There are already simple ways to eliminate the issue completely by having a sign-in kiosk designed only for contractors. Where we see this issue commonly is where visitors and contractors sign in through the same kiosk or sign in station.

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