Will employees return to workplaces as instructed?

From Monday, 14 December in NSW the Public Health Order requiring employers to allow employees to work from home (where it is reasonably practicable to do so) will be repealed.

But will employees return to their workplaces as instructed?

We see the benefits it will bring to organisations that have been hit the hardest during Covid restrictions including hospitality venues, cafe’s and restaurants. Encouraging the workers back into the CBD for the festive season could mean the difference between surviving or not for many of these businesses.

On the flip side many employers and employees are opting for a slow and steady approach to return to CBD offices and remote working will remain for many of the corporate life for 2021.

For many work is becoming more about a thing you do, not a place you go. What Covid has taught us all (some of us have been aware of this for many years) that productivity can actually increase with remote working and travelling to work to sit in an office is not necessary in all cases.

Top benefits when working from home

  • Better work life balance – get hours back by avoiding the commute
  • Being in the comfort of your own place, listen to your own music and home meals
  • Set your own hours – some people are more productive earlier in the day and others later
  • All the above can allow for increased productivity

In saying all of this it is not for everyone and some people will still prefer to be in the office.


For help managing employees working either remotely or in an office see Visitor Management Systems.