Visitor Management integration with Slack

We have been asked a lot in 2020 for the ability to have a message about the visitor arriving being sent to Slack.

While it is easy to set up with webhooks we think keeping the host message out of the Slack software is a smarter option and I will explain why.

If you are receiving notifications from Slack you may get many messages throughout the day, some people prefer to turn off the notifications on their phone as they don’t want notifications in Slack, on their computer as a pop-up and on their mobile phone or smart watch.

The problem arises when a host is set up to receive messages in Slack about a visitor arriving and the host is at lunch or anywhere else away from their desk and they have no way of receiving messages in Slack. The host will not know about the visitor arriving.

So while we have no problem getting messages into Slack advising a visitor arriving we think it is smarter to get the message directly to your phone as detailed below so no matter where you are. The message will stand out as a visitor message quickly advising you a visitor has arrived.


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