Delivering SCORM inductions to contractors

We have come across SCORM built inductions now for the past 4-5 years through many customers. The number of companies that use SCORM style inductions/learning is low I feel however companies that use SCORM built learning have hundreds of locations across the country where thousands and tens of thousands of contractors are signing in and out their presence onsite every day and the contractors need to complete their inductions. Over the past decade, I have come across thousands of organisations that complete online or manual inductions. More often than not the results of the induction are in a system or spreadsheet not connected to the sign-in process.

Need to connect your SCORM learning results with the sign-in process on-site? Now it is easier than ever before.

  1. We will assist you to load your SCORM learning ready to send to learners to complete
  2. Results automatically come into the visitor contractor software included date completed and renewal date
  3. Every time the learner signs in their presence on-site we automatically check the renewal dates.
  • No more manual checking expiry dates
  • load 1 or many learning courses to be completed
  • Use your existing SCORM files

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