Workplace Bubbles are the new norm

With COVID causing so much havoc globally for more than 6 months now it is obvious to everyone going back to normal is going to be a long way away. The new norm being talked about now is “workplace Bubbles”

What is a workplace bubble? A workplace bubble is where the people you work with each day are in the same bubble and you do not engage with any person outside your bubble and people outside your bubble do not engage inside your bubble.  Effectively people on level 23 do not got to level 24 and people on level 24 do not go to 23. People in administration/accounts do not go into the Sales department and vice versa.

Why do I need a workplace bubble? Setting up a workplace bubble will limit the length of time people spend with other people keeping all of your people in your bubble. If a person in your bubble gets COVID then the idea is the other bubbles around you will not be impacted.

How can you manage your workplace bubbles? This is a great question and one we can assist you with, use the link below to book in a 5-minute call to discuss