10 Fundamental Visitor Management Features

When looking for a Visitor Management System today there is so much more to consider than signing in visitors. You need to consider everyone entering your location including employees and contractors, screening everyone that enters and more.

With so many variations of systems available here are some fundamental features to assist when considering the best system for your organisation;

1/.  Security Customer data is one of the most valuable assets your company has which is why data protection and security is so important. Consider where the data is stored, are they ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant.

2/. Price – What are you getting for the price and do you need to pay more for all the advertised features? Having a system with no hidden costs allows you to understand upfront all the features available and the financial investment for your organisation.

3/. Touchless With COVID-19  becoming a part of our daily lives offering a touchless and hygienic solution is essential and reduces the number of touchpoints for visitors, employees and contractors. Using any mobile camera scan a dynamic and secure QR code for a contactless sign in.

4/. Reporting A reporting function needs to allow you to see who was on site when, who they visited and easily view information you have collected like mobile phone numbers. Report on multiple sites.

5/. Multiple Device Support – Using a web application won’t limit your hardware choices and will allow you flexibility to set up a sign in kiosk on either an iPad or PC/Windows Tablet.

6/. Integrations Look for a system that can grow with your business and has features to integrate within your network. Syncing your employees via AD, calendar invites to pre-register visitors or use an API to link with a range of other integrations.

7/. Contractor Management Look for a system with more compliance. Include a contractor database with insurances, qualification and inductions and stop the sign in process and be alerted when there is a breach in compliance.

8/. Emergency Management A complete system will offer evacuation mobile application, post emergency reporting, lone worker management and emergency notifications.

9/. Applications – Having a mobile application allows you to manage employees and contractors no matter their location, whether they are working in remote areas or working from home.

10/. Dashboards – Having the ability to view a real time summary of information displaying key people presence data from any given location for any of your locations is an essential visitor management feature.


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