Types of Online Inductions – How they will help you

With more people working from home there has been a lift in the requirements of customers to have employees complete inductions.

What types of inductions are customers using for employees? If I could break them into three categories I would call them

  • Simple online inductions
  • General online inductions
  • Complicated online inductions

Simple online inductions are really a series of questions that can be answered with some cleverness built-in allowing workflows to flow giving depth to the simple online induction. There is normally no pass/fail rate just questions to answer with the details recorded automatically that can be exported out into excel spreadsheets for deep analysis.
A great example I wrote about only last week here

General Online inductions are a step up from Simple online inductions where you can include pass/fail rates. Invitees can have several chances to complete the induction should they fail the first time. Results are recorded and renewals are automatically sent out when due. Invitations are sent by email or text to a mobile phone. Warnings can be created when expired

Complicated online inductions may not be the best way to explain this next level induction. The back end building of the induction is complicated, the user who completes the induction does not see the complexity involved in the building of the induction. A very common form of complicated online induction is SCORM inductions – Read more here

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