Simple visitor sign in solution

With the recent changes around the world, we have had a large number of organisations call to find a way to implement a simple visitor system, simple meaning low cost. I have also experienced many more places asking me to get temperature checked and or sign in my presence by giving my name and mobile number on entry.

Pubs are the best example, some have notepads, some have blank A4 pieces of paper, some have A-4 paper with lines to enter your name, mobile and email. For these examples, the customers need very low cost, easy to use, and report on the information if needed for COVID-19 tracing.

How easy can we set something up customers ask, I share super easy. Here is an example, scan this QR code below with your camera on your phone, this is a simple example set up for our local hotel, fill in the details on the questionnaire and we will call you to assist set up the same for your location.

Scan the QR code above with your camera, answer the questions and we will reach out to you to see if this could assist you at your location/s

For more information call 1300 800 077