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Improve your systems for Covid-19 compliance for visitors, contractors, employees, volunteers, and residents.

Currently, many Aged Care facilities have suspended visitation unless deemed critical to the operation of the center. This is happening globally. For those people that are permitted to attend an Aged Care facility, there are a number of checks that need to be completed on each visit. While many countries are generally consistent with the current requirements they do differ from one country to another.

I love seeing the stories on TV how Aged Care locations have embraced the issues and created glassed areas for people to safely visit aged care residents. With Zoom and others, I am sure there are many aged care locations with iPads setting up conference calls between family members in these tough times.

All locations have put in place additional screening for Contractors like electricians and plumbers while physiotherapists also need to comply.

We have provided software solutions in the Aged Care industry across multiple countries. Below I will list the changes being made including this week, we will update this blog as details change over the coming days, weeks, and months.

  • In Australia, Aged Care is now asking for evidence that the visitor, employee, volunteer, and contractors have had a flu vaccine. Government legislation bought this process to bear on the admin staff front facing the public in aged Care. To speed up the sign-in process going forward customers are storing information regarding the evidence so family members can sign in quickly each visit.
  • In Australia legislation says you must record temperature taken from each person including employees. Customers are now adding this information into the visitor management software so there is reportable information for the future if required.
  • In the USA currently, most Aged Care centers have stopped visitation altogether unless deemed critical.
  • In Australia, you cannot go to an Aged care facility currently if you are under 16.
  • Customers are now asking to track residents when they leave and when they return.
  • Contact tracing is simple when all visits are recorded electronically.
  • Many customers are setting up access to families to pre-populate family member information before attending the location include vaccine evidence.

There is no doubt changes in Aged Care over the coming months are going to be many.
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“The Public Health (COVID-19 Residential Aged Care Facilities – RACF) Order 2020 – under Clause 5, persons are not to enter or remain on premises of a RACF if the person has a temperature higher than 37.5 degrees or symptoms of acute respiratory infection.”

Temperature checking and recording Australia

Temperature checking and recording USA

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