3 problems with temperature checking

We have two very popular requests from customers at the moment. Touchless visitors sign in and sign out and temperature checking. Initially, it was our Aged Care customers looking for temperature checking for obvious reasons, this request has been global all facilities designed to manage the elderly wanting to temperature check. After reading dozens of articles from multiple countries it is clear….

Temperature checking is only a gauge and it can be inaccurate. 

Like many industries, temperature checking is going to become the norm going forward however the problems are many. 3 key examples are below.

1/ If you walk from outside to inside a building on the coldest days and your head is scanned for temperature your temperature will not be accurate, people can be let into your building with much higher temperatures than that which is recorded. The reverse will occur on the hottest days. It is a litigation nightmare. Do you want to send sick people into your building? Many reports online suggest temperature reading devices can vary as much as 7 degrees Fahrenheit.

2/ Temperature alone does not determine if COVID-19 is actually present. It is possible for a person to not show elevated temperatures yet still have COVID-19. More litigation nightmares. Some reports online suggest anywhere from 25% to 50% of all COVID-19 cases may be relatively asymptomatic!

3/ Fever can trigger anywhere from day 2 to day 14. A person who gets COVID-19 may not present any fever issues for 2 to 14 days from initially getting COVID-19

Temperature checking does not pick up COVID-19

Scanning temperatures have been in place at airports around the world for years however many people still get through that should be picked up.

What is the answer?

There is no answer, no simple solution. We must all play a part in the process, visitors should not go to a building if they are feeling unwell, even asking a visitor if they feel unwell when signing in will not stop COVID-19.

You can feel fine and still have COVID-19

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