How to best manage Returning to the Office

As we move into the next phase of returning to some form of normality for many this will include returning to work and returning to an office.

New policies and procedures will need to be put in place to handle the return phase which may include;

  • Staggering staff start and finish times
  • Some staff remain working from home for a period of time
  • Temperature Checks on arrival
  • Wearing masks
  • Limit visitor numbers to maintain social distancing
  • Screen visitors and contractors with custom questions
  • Signing NDA’s
  • Communicate new safety procedures prior to visitors arriving
  • Electronic visitor/employer records for contact tracing

The technology to assist you mitigate the risk to employees, visitors and contractors already exists using Visitor Management Systems. In recent months there has even been some new developments to assist you even further with COVID-19 management.

  • Staff who continue to work remotely can still sign on and off using a App giving management an overall view of who is working regardless of where they are working.
  • Perform and record temperature checks on arrival

  • Ask and record questions around COVID-19 compliance
  • Set maximum occupancy rules – prevent overcrowding and limit the number of people permitted on-site. Be alerted and stop further sign ins when the maximum is reached.
  • Pre-register guest to notify them in advance of your new safety procedures and policies and provide them with a QR code to minimise contact on sign in.

  • Reporting – in the event of a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 within the office you can quickly identify who was in contact over a period of time, contact those in that bubble and hopefully mitigate any potential wider spread.

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