Covid-19 Contact tracing – How can you backtrack who your people have been in contact with in your business?

Contact tracing is one of the newest keywords going around, what are your options for your business?

Some governments around the world have released contact tracing apps where through Bluetooth technology each person you come into contact with for a predetermined time is recorded safely in the app so you can backtrack the people you have been in contact with over the previous 14 days should you find you have tested positive to Covid-19

    • Wikipedia says
    • Australia has an app called COVIDSafe
    • China built an app with Alipay
    • Columbia has an app called CoronApp
    • Czech Republic has an app called eRouška
    • Ghana has an app called GH Covid-19 Tracker App
    • Israel has launched HaMagen
    • North Macedonia launched StopKorona
    • Norway has an app called Smittestopp
    • Singapore had one of the first apps called TraceTogether
    • India has an app called Aarogya Setu

These apps hold great value for the health system, if you and I stand next to each other for generally more than 15 minutes then your details will be encoded on my app and my details will be coded on your app, provided we both have the same app, not sure what will happen when we start to travel, maybe one app will go global for travelers.

Looking at the app store there are hundreds of choices with many countries still developing before releasing their own app.

What if you meet with people not carrying the app?

This is where software that manages in the business who meets with who over the past 14 days is invaluable. Getting ready to go back to your office and some sort of normality? Book in a demonstration and we will show you how to set up a Covid-19 reception system.

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