Coronavirus: Manage deploying working from home

With no end in sight to COVID-19, for many people, a period of remote work is looking more and more inevitable. What we thought was the norm yesterday has changed and moved to a new norm today and so forth.

Many businesses are now implementing Working-from-Home (WFH) policies to ensure business continuity and to comply with the latest Government restrictions and advice.

Here are some tools companies can use to manage this new way of working using the latest technology with employee management systems;

  • Mobile App Sign in – allow your employees to sign on from home using their mobile phone and pinpoint their geo-location. You can ask them to select a pre-determined zone or add in a free text field ie. home address
  • Sign in Notifications – receive an email or SMS notification when your employees sign on and off for the day or you may choose just to view this data on a live dashboard.
  • Dashboards – have a clear view at any given time wherever you are of who is currently signed on or off in real-time data. View from your home PC or any smart device.
  • Online Working From Home Agreements – send out electronic WFH Safety Policies and Agreements that employees need to acknowledge. Send employees automated prompts if they haven’t completed the agreement before they commence WFH (this is an automated check upon sign in using the mobile app).
  • Questionnaires upon sign-on – build a questionnaire to be completed daily when employees sign-on. You can easily change the questions instantly for another day. All the data is collated into a spreadsheet and you can trigger actions automatically based on answers to any of these questions.
  • Communicate Instant Messages – send out any urgent message to either a particular employee, group or all employees via the mobile app or email. The message doesn’t have to be urgent, why not reward your team 🙂
  • Reporting – easily report on hours worked, the location employees sign on and off from and ask them to select predetermined zones or add in free text field that can assist with reports.
  • Manage the issuance of office equipment – employees may take some office equipment home to set up their WFH environment. An electronic log can help you see who has been issued what equipment and assist in the return of these assets when needed.

Having the right tools and implementing them from day one can help both you and your employees feel safe and secure in their new working environment. This coronavirus outbreak could actually prove to be the tipping point for Working-from-Home arrangements to become the new norm.

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