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The big news globally at the moment is Coronavirus, we have customers calling daily to update the sign-in process for people coming into their buildings. Schools are closing globally, businesses
are asking staff not to have face to face meetings. The world is changing in front of our eyes. Our software is designed to assist.

Set your sign-in process for your building for all visitors to match The Department of Health risk analysis



What do you need to do in your business if a visitor or contractor answers yes to this question?

Kimberly Clark has opened its Milicent factory in South Australia 24/7 to cope with the demand of toilet paper being purchased by consumers faster than the products can be made.

JB Hi-Fi – is bucking the trends of other retailers by reporting on a bumper half-year earnings result.  Our reliance on electronics and the welcoming way JB Hi-Fi create their stores is winning customers from competing retailers.

Accolade Wines offer a money-back guarantee with the catchphrase “certainty in an uncertain world” If you do not like the wine you buy you can ask for your money back. Starting initially in the UK the offer will then flow to Australia. Accolade Europe MD said this will give consumers more confidence when making a purchase.

Petrol prices hitting the lowest point with oil prices taking the biggest dive in 10 years. Coronavirus has slowed down many things including travel, fewer people travel by plane, ship, and car so less oil is being used globally. Less oil used means less demand means oil prices come down. Lower cost fuel at the bowser is the end result. OPEC is considering cutting production to stop the oil price slide.

Cummins Inc has launched a new C25G Gas Generator series that includes the Liebherr engine. Liebherr provides equipment to Ships, Aircraft, buildings. Machines from Liebherr are deployed throughout the world in Pioneering projects.

Coronavirus questions we have been asked to include into the sign-in process in the past 6 weeks

  • Can we add a question asking visitors and contractors to confirm yes or no if they have been to one of the high-risk countries?
  • Can we add a question asking visitors and contractors to confirm if they have been in contact with any person who has been to one of the high-risk countries?
  • Just today I have received a request to store confirmation a temperature check was completed on the visitor or contractor and the temperature needs to be recorded.


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