Visitor Management Automation for Multi-Tenancy Locations

Managing the visitor flow for multiple tenants in large buildings from a shared concierge can be time consuming and a very manual process.

Problem – Recently a customer came to Time and People with the following process they needed to change: On a daily basis they had to send a spreadsheet report with a list of the following days visitors to the concierge so they had a list to check off each visitor as they came in. This was not only taking time away from the person collating this list daily but the concierge received a similar list each day from every tenant.

Solution – Using automation with a Visitor Management system you can allow a concierge, receptionist or security guard access to a screen like below where they can switch from one tenant to another and see a list of visitors that are due in on that day. This removes the manual process of sending a spreadsheet by each tenant to the concierge on a daily basis and for the concierge they no longer need to have multiple spreadsheets to manage. This data is also live so when there is a last minute meeting or cancellation the concierge can see in real time the change.


Alternatively you can allow the visitors to any organisation to sign themselves in on the one sign-in kiosk located in the lobby. The kiosk will then guide them through the ‘tenant specific’ sign-in workflow.


If you would like to know more about how an automated Visitor Management System and a multi-tenant kiosk would assist processes at your location please call us now or book in a demonstration below.

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