Visitor Management for Not for Profits

Not for profits have to work super hard, I know this as I have a very close friend who is a professional fundraiser and has worked in the not for profit sector for more than 30 years after initially working in the corporate world with banks. Value for money must be in every purchase they make.

We are proud to share some of our recent not for profit organisations who have started using our software to manage visitors or visitors and contractors.

One of the most common aspects of Not for Profits using our software includes the need to manage volunteers, for some organisations volunteer hours can go into hundreds of thousands throughout the year. Knowing which volunteers are onsite for evacuation is very important, typically volunteers do not sign in and out their presence on site as they are unpaid. It is not uncommon to see volunteers with additional skills like First Aid for example. Skills can also be recorded against the profile of the volunteer.

The following tools will make it easier to manage your volunteers;

  • Sign in and sign out each time they arrive and leave can be made super easy with a QR code or using a mobile phone app with geo-fencing technology
  • Run reports to manage time volunteer hours
  • Build inductions to on-board volunteers
  • Assign qualifications to a volunteers profile ie. working with children check, first aid, drivers licence

Ronald McDonald House Charities in Perth selected Visitor Management Systems to replace an existing clunky system. Managing the many volunteers and their hours was very manual and time consuming. Here is what they have to say….

The sign in and out system is simple and easy to use. Excellent customer support, quick response time as well.

Easily able to import volunteer hours. Able to know when contractors are on/offsite. Simple and easy to use for staff and visitors alike.

Easy to navigate around the entire system whether it be adding volunteers or contractors and running reports.

Paula Brooks, Operations Assistant

Ronald McDonald House Westmead are now in the process of implementing the software too, replacing an existing system.

Other customers include….

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