Visitor Management System integrates with Inner Range Inception Access Control

The most asked for integration from customers in 2019 was access control, interestingly there are dozens of access control systems in the marketplace, some traditional older style while there are more modern cloud-based solutions coming into the market.  Inner Range Inception joins Brivo with integration into the WhosOnLocation Visitor Management System.

This week the integration between the WhosOnLocation visitor contractor management system and Inner Range Inception access control system went live with Boral Geelong Project in Melbourne. The integration simplifies the presence on-site, access control and evacuation where each person that swipes into the Inner Range access control system is automatically added to the evacuation reports within the evacuation module of WhosOnLocation Visitor Management System.



Inner Range

Inner Range is a manufacturer of integrated electronic security software and systems. Australian based but world-leading, Inner Range has over 30 years’ experience with more than 150,000 installations globally. Our continuous investment in research and development ensures our products maintain an innovative and cutting-edge design to the benefit of thousands of small and large organisations alike.

Inner Range Inception

Inception is an integrated access control and security alarm system with a design edge that sets it apart from the pack. With web-based software built directly into the main system controller, the Inception system is easy to access using a web browser on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

With a step-by-step commissioning guide and outstanding user interface, Inception is easy to install and very easy to operate.


In February the integration with Inner Range Integriti will go live with BOC in WA, Melbourne and Auckland.

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