Electronic sign in goes mobile

Employees and contractors don’t always enter a site or building through the same one entry point making it inconvenient and sometime impossible to have them all register at the same sign in kiosk. Visitor Management Systems can assist with this by allowing you to set up as many sign in kiosks as you need at multiple entry points without changing the price of the software.
However, you may still encounter challenges managing remote sites, larger campuses and contractors coming and going before and after office hours. Here is where we introduce the NEW & IMPROVED WolMobile!
The latest version of the visitor management mobile application has significant enhancements that will make it even easier for organisations to manage the presence of everyone in your duty of care. In fact, we think it will help you transform how you manage safety and security in your organisation!

Top features;

  • Automatic Sign in / out – automatically signs employees and service providers in and out of your locations and work sites without lifting a finger using their smartphone’s geolocation.
  • SOS Alerts – In the event of an emergency, accident or high-stress situation the SOS button counts down for 5 seconds before sending the alert (it can be cancelled in this time if assistance is no longer required).
  • Arrival Notifications – Receive a notification when your visitor arrives. These are free and unlimited with every software plan.
  • Instant Messages – Custom notifications can be used for whatever you wish, including urgent notifications. Hazard in stairwell 5? No problem. You can send an urgent update to all employees and visitors in the building letting them know they should avoid this area. These notifications can also be segmented by location, who is on and off-site, employees (by department or role type), service providers, and or visitors.
  • Location tracking – ideal for employees and service providers working remotely and in high risk areas.
  • Expected duration on-site – Get alerted when an employee or Service Provider is working past their expected duration at a remote site or in a high risk situation. The alert will be sent to the safety operator who can then check the safety of the worker.


For more information on the WolMobile Application and other Visitor, Contractor and Employee Management features call now 1300 800 077 or book in your free online demonstration below