16 ways to improve contractor presence and compliance in 2020

16 ways to improve contractor presence and compliance on your location/s in 2020

Will you improve your presence and compliance in 2020?

2020 is an Angel Number 2020 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality, will this be your year?

  • Only deal with pre-approved contractors
  • Give access to an online portal for suppliers to upload company details including insurances and workers who will be attending your location – perfect for agency staff or suppliers who provide a large number of contractors to your company 
  • Build online inductions for contractors to complete before they arrive on-site or when they arrive on site 
  • Ask contractors to sign in and out their presence on-site when they arrive and leave

  • Automatically check the compliance of contractors insurances, inductions, qualifications and more when they sign in
  • Give contractors exist questions to answer when they sign out, for example, have you returned your keys?
  • Ask contractors in remote locations to sign in and out with their mobile phone taking the GPS position of where they are standing when they sign in
  • Give remote contractors inductions on their mobile phones before they can sign in
  • Report on hours worked by individual or groups of workers by company, individuals or roles

  • Report easily on total monthly hours worked and export reports to either excel or pdf
  • Share contractors across multiple locations simplifying contractor management across the state, country or the globe
  • Centralise all of your contractor management into one single database creating consistency across the business 
  • Integrate a simple sign-in process to the front end of your existing much larger supplier database that holds existing supplier information like insurances, Systems like Vault, Jaggaer, Avetta and hundreds more
  • Trigger automated messages when a contractor stays past their expected time on site

  • Contractors signing in and out presence on-site automatically included in evacuation reports
  • Contractors can sign in and out their presence on-site against fixed assets by geolocation